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1. Audio must be 100 seconds (1:40) or less
2. No cover songs (unless you maintain the rights)
3. We prefer a new track, or at least a new recording of an old song

If these criteria are met, simply email your MP3 file to or submit to our Soundcloud DropBox

All artists own their individual songs. Artists whose concerns about licensing might prohibit them from submitting should go to

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As part of the Rancho Folly family, One Hundred Second Dash is used to make art more accessible, and to educate artists in furthering their craft.


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February 25, 2009


Thanks to everyone who's had a kind word about the comp. It was a blast assembling volume 2; soliciting tons of artists, begging the few who replied, being pleasantly surprised by the ones we didn't expect, and watching the alphabetical policy turn out a really well structured buffet of great music.

It is an honor to work with artists who are just as hell-bent as we are to give their time away to everyone. Nobody in music has time to spare, most of us work several jobs just to support the habit. It's always cool to hear stuff from bands like Peter and the Wolf or No Babies, both of whom recorded their tracks ON THE ROAD, not to mention the acts who took time out from recording an album or practicing for gigs. (Kudos to Like Birds on a Wire for using this challenge to issue their debut. We hear that there's more to expect from the duo)

We have space left for several tracks on volume 3, which has been coming together rather nicely. Since many of the artists who've submitted already are slated to play that really big show in Austin next month, we're working to release again in the next few weeks. Timing this release as such will help everyone involved promote their work to the thousands who will be passing through Texas. If you would like to be on volume 3, please record soon and get us a track.

Can't wait to here what you've got!

Thanks again.

February 13, 2009

It's here!

Clicking on the animation at the top right of this page will lead you to a download of One Hundred Second Dash Volume Two.

We will continue to update this and the myspace pages more over the next week, but we're a little "busy" with our individual valentines day plans at the moment. Well, I am at least. I don't even know Tony. We met in a chat room sometime in '06, then eventually in a diner near Tuscon. I can't even remember what he looks like, but he has great ideas, so I do whatever he says.

Happy valentines day Tony!